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Let me introduce myself: My name is Millie and for the most part when you call, you will talk with me.  I deal with all the office operations, which includes processing the tax returns and letters or notices clients may receive in the mail.

I thought it might be helpful to post something in regards to a problem that keeps coming up for the tax year of 2012.   We have had a number of phone calls from clients who received a specific notice from the Oregon Department of Revenue.  This notice informs you that Oregon cannot finish processing your return until they receive “A copy of your original W-2 and/or 1099” form.  They request in the notice that you mail or fax the information along with a copy of the notice.

We have discovered clients receive this notice because their employer or payroll service provider did not file their W2 information electronically as required.  Although we e-file your tax return it is the responsibility of your Payroll provider to submit and file your W2’s properly.   I have included some information along with a link that I hope will help us all.  As always, if you have any questions or need help with a notice from the IRS or State, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Income and Wage Information Return E-Service 2012 W2 File Specifications

The State of Oregon follows the Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines for the filing of W2s Wage and Tax Statements with Oregon specific requirements for the RS and RV records per OAR 150-316.202(3)

ALL employers and payroll service providers are required to file W2 information electronically in a manner consistent with the electronic filing specifications outlined by the SSA. All W2s must be filed by March 31, 2013 or the next business day if the due date falls on a holiday.


For technical questions concerning electronic filing, call IWIRE at 503-945-8127 or email at

At this time, W2-C forms should be filed via paper. Please mail them to: Oregon Department of Revenue, PO Box 14260, Salem, OR 97309-5060.

Click here to view entire instructions

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