Let’s Talk Tax Code

Think the tax code is a mess?

The two members of Congress who are leading the push for tax reform this year want to hear from you.

A new web site,, has been launched by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, and Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee. The site includes information about the need for tax reform and efforts already under way, but also includes a section for Americans to share their ideas on how to make the tax code simpler and fairer.

Since then, the tax code has been mucked up with lots of new provisions that benefit special interests but make tax compliance more complicated and costly.

“It is time to go line-by-line through the tax code and clean it up,” Camp said.

Washington doesn’t have all the answers. That is why we are joining together in a nonpartisan way to invite you to weigh in on this debate.

Baucus noted that his committee and Camp’s have held more than 50 hearings over the past two years and “heard from hundreds of experts on how to fix the tax code.”

“Now it’s time to hear from the most important stakeholders — the American people,” Baucus said.

Camp and Baucus are committed to getting tax reform enacted this year. That’s an ambitious goal, and the odds are against it, given how dysfunctional Congress is, and the fact that every tax loophole on the books is there because some industry or interest group convinced Congress that it’s important.

But this is a rare case of a powerful Republican and a powerful Democrat working together to actually get something done on Capitol Hill. They could use your help.

Besides going to, you can also follow @simplertaxes on Twitter.

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