IRS UPDATE: Shutdown Will Delay 2014 Tax Season Filing

The IRS announced this week that it would delay the beginning of the 2014 tax filing season by up to two weeks.  This means the IRS will not start accepting and processing 2013 individual returns until January 28, 2014 at the earliest and February 4th at the latest.  This is a week later than had been expected.

The commissioner expressed his hope that other options could be found to shorten the delay, but cited the need to ready the system for the upcoming tax season and that the testing and validating simply takes time.

The IRS is also facing pressure to address the growing problem of refund fraud and ID theft, not to mention the backlog of 1.4 million pieces of correspondence the was received during the shutdown.

The official opening of the 2014 tax filing season will be announced in December.

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