IRS Asks Taxpayers for Patience As They Tackle Shutdown Backlog

Despite reports to the contrary, the Internal Revenue Service really is back up and running after the shutdown.

However, getting the agency back up to speed – and starting to tackle the backlog – is necessarily going to take time. The IRS has noted in particular that it expects “high telephone demand” and that many walk-in offices could open at staggered times.

If your matter is not urgent, the IRS is asking you to wait.

The IRS has begun to process paper tax returns and will begin to issue refunds. They are also finally opening the mail and tackling transcript requests and authorization forms received during the shutdown from third parties – those that were causing some taxpayers major headaches. Again, expect some delays as the IRS works through the piles of mail and requests that have been sitting for more than two weeks.

The name of the game? Patience. Some matters may require a bit more time than others – and the IRS asks that you give them some leeway.  Although we are annoyed with IRS from time to time, the shutdown isn’t one of the reasons to be.  That is all on Congress.

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