Client Letter 2014

I would like to welcome our new clients and personally thank all of you for allowing us to prepare your income taxes this year. For those of you who have referred friends and family, I would like to extend a special thank you. It is greatly appreciated.

I noticed this year that a number of you made decisions that increased your 2013 tax liabilities. Several individuals purchased rentals, sold homes or started a business without fully understanding the tax ramifications of those transactions. It seems each year the tax laws become more and more complex. For example, something as simple as taking money out of your retirement account can trigger the increased taxability of your social security income. Often we have control over the timing of these events and with proper planning you may be able to eliminate higher tax liabilities or, at the very least, prepare for them.

That is why I want to remind you that I’m more than a tax preparer that you see once a year. I’m here to assist you with any financial decisions you will be making throughout the year. My staff and I combined; have nearly sixty years of experience as CPA’s. We also have firsthand experience in regards to rentals, small businesses and bookkeeping. We understand how important planning is to success.

I’d like you to feel comfortable contacting me before you make decisions which may impact your finances. There is no charge for phone calls or responding to emails and I want to encourage all of you to contact me with any questions you may have, regardless of the time of year.

Research suggests that individuals who plan are happier and more successful than those that don’t and I want all of you to be happy and successful!

I encourage you check out our blog in the top upper right hand corner at of our website: for the latest small business tips and tax updates.

Best Regards,

Ed Sager

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