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The IRS has released the health savings accounts (HSA) annual contribution limits and the minimum deductible amounts and maximum out of pocket amounts for high deductible health plan for 2015. The deductions limitations are updated annually to reflect cost of living adjustments. The contribution limits for singles with a high deductible health plan increase $50 […]

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2013-2014 Business Organization Grantees

Cover Oregon Coming later this fall, Cover Oregon’s online health insurance marketplace will allow small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to provide their employees with the broad selection of easy-to-compare medical and dental plan options.  Employers will also have the option of contributing a set dollar amount toward their employee’s health insurance coverage and […]

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IRS Opens Site to Explain Health Care Tax Provisions

The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions site at to educate individuals and businesses on how the health care law might affect them. The home page of the site includes three sections explaining the tax benefits and responsibilities for individuals and families, employers and other organizations, with links and information […]

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OREGON Advance Directive

Why do we need advance directives? Although we may not want to talk or think about a medical situation that becomes out of our control, I think it is very important to bring this subject to the forefront. You have a right to be informed and decide for yourself Adults have the right to control […]

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Health Care Reform

Health Care Update Last week I attended a seminar on the Healthcare Reform and would like to pass on some information on the upcoming changes.  For individuals and employers, there are still many unanswered questions. If  any of the following applies to you, it would be in your best interest to give me a call: […]

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